Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Reneé Drummond-Brown writes

I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder who
sangs to the sad, sad truth that dirty lowdown…
Oh my bad! Its you Boz Scaggs…
Just you Boz Scaggs…
Yes indeedy, that be you.
Play that funky music white boy.

Ur’yday, Average White Band. Faithfully, quarter til 4:00.
I waited till ‘urybody ‘wuz long gone,
and me and my boombox
was ‘justa spinnin like a helter-skelter
while I belted out your soulful-sangin-songs.
‘Justa school-gal-crush (I’m ‘guessin)
hoping get to know each other if we can (that’s all).
Play that funky music white ‘boyz.

Bobby Caldwell,
We’re still wondering where you came from
with your soulful musicality (and all)
and I guess your wondering were we’ve been
as we search to find your soul within.
Just came back to let you know
we gotta thang fo your music, that we’ll never let go…
Play that funky music white boy.

Daryl Hall & John Oates, you sang to us
“Baby hair with a woman’s eyes.”
You said, you felt me ‘watchin in the night…
Well my name wasn’t-hardly Sarah (who smiled)
but one on one, you sure did made me cry.
Play that funky music white ‘boyz.

Paul Wall, I’m no rapper (you see),
but I’ve certainly
eavesdropped on ‘summa your-conversation
tween you, Nelly, Kyjuan, Ali, and Murphy Lee…
Remember dat Air Force One ft.,
Oh, my bad, Ice man,
wrong video. Y’all robbed dat jewelry stow,  
and told ‘em
“Make me a grill.”
I heard, 20 karats, 30 stacks letting us know
you’z fo-real (killed it)!
Rap that funky music white boy.

Holdin back the years;
thinkin of the fears. Nothin had the chance to be good
Simply Red. Cept, your soulful voice.
So, we’ll keep holdin on…waistin all our tears.
Play that funky music white boy.

We ain’t forgot bout your “Fame,” David Bowie.
Making us all think things ov’r
putting us right there where things were hollow.
Fame, fame, fame, faaaame.
Please don’t reject us first cause what “we get,” is no tomorrow.
And were still left thinkin things ov’r
So, while on your new journey Bowie…
Play that funky music white boy.

Teena Marie and Rickie Lee Jones
I ain’t hardly forgot bout your sAngs
I’ll get to you, soul-sangin-sistahs
in another poem on another day.
Play that funky music white ‘galz!

I remember all these funky SANGERS.
And just when they hit us on the one,
(like Bootsy, and Parliament-Funkadelics…EverythAngs on the one…)
Wild Cherry had us all turnin-round shoutin:
“Play That Funky Music White ‘Boyz,”
lay down that boogie and “SANG” that soulful music to us
til you die!

Dedicated to:“Our” white soul “SANGERS” whom we love, and embrace. I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder who?

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