Saturday, March 21, 2020

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo & Jonathan Aquino write

War and Peace

I dream of a world enveloped in utmost peace and unity
Where the fresh meadows commune with soaring birds in beautiful tranquility
A sacred sanctuary where precious lives are given due importance
And the rights of the people are recognized in every circumstance.

I heard the news today
from a country far away,
a little girl, aged nine,
got her feet blown off
as she stepped in a landmine
Then there was this young woman,
the wife of a war hero,
she saw the death of her husband
and their two young sons
in a war full of widows .

An immaculate white dove flying freely across the skies of blue,
Bringing hope in the hearts of troubled souls in every avenue
The dawning of a brand new day, a glimpse of a colorful rainbow,
Setting forth calmness and stillness for a better tomorrow.

We human beings pride ourselves
as the image and likeness of the Creator,
yet we have contaminated our small planet,
and we spent our entire history killing each other

Let there be peace in an ailing world which needs healing,
Put an end to all misunderstandings covering the land
Let a ray of light shine upon nations at war,
Set aside differences in beliefs, say no to discrimination of any kind.
I can see the beaming sun with its orb reaching out to everyone,
No more outcasts who feel lonely amidst a busy crowd
A world which gives no room for selfish motives to reign
But of extending brotherly love promoting a place of total harmony.

From the time of the ancients,
when tribes battle for the land,
wars have been a curse, a pestilence
that has destroyed countless lives,
but we started it, and we can end it
or wait, until none is left to survive.

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