Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Reneé Drummond-Brown writes

Produced in the south.
down to his holy infested
Poor dirt. Dirt poor.
Without a nickel to loan,
or, surname of his own.

cept Mrs. Millie and Massa’,
ain’t hardly putting claims on that tan-skin.
Yep, he’s (half) owned,
bought, and sold!

Other slaves smell a spy.
Too beige to be black;
too red, to be white-bright.
He’s loathed by all,
and generations to follow
will wear his stigma…
Ill will “PLIGHT.”

Plight mimics the
ancestors breed. The 21st century,
meticulously produces them
one-of-a-kinds’…dirt cheap!
Liberty proudly clones her slaves unto this very day.
The more thAngs have changed
The more coloured-slaves have stayed the same.
Afterall, they’re designer studs,
proudly owned, and made
by the US of A.

Dedicated to: Prototype.

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