Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Arlene Corwin writes

Quiet Xmas
There will be no presents, wrapped or not. 
Gifts can be sought, bought, ought to 
Anytime, occasion rhyming with a need one’s own. 
Food? By all means, and of course! 
Lots of courses, for it’s fun to cook, 
Break traditions, keeping some. 
Summing up a feel and food one’s own.
We’ve stopped the tree, 
Tree steeped in earth or water. 
Tree slaughtered for some seller’s coin. 
In short, we’ve stopped the joining.
We’ll have friends to share in, 
Setting out each comfy chair in 
Spots where it is warm and charming.
We’ll create a pretty table. 
We are able to afford a pretty table 
'Cause we’ve lots of pretty china, 
Several sets of cutlery and once again - 
It suits our needs
To feed our friends.
It will all be like jazz improvising, 
Extemporizing something one has played for years, 
Knowing well that the instinctive mind can take first place, 
The space inside creating as it goes along 
A luscious meal or gorgeous song.
Quiet, yes. But lonely, no. 
Xmases will come and go, 
It’s still a Christmas eve and day 
Where one can shape it any way one pleases, 
Easing into year that follows. 
So, respected fellowship around the world, 
Wishing you the best! Self-willed zest, 
Peace of mind and joy and gladness!

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