Saturday, March 21, 2020

Henry Smith writes

Love in the Time of Corona


Let us celebrate, rejoice and dance

In the valley of blooming jasmines,

You and I dear love

I drizzle you with my thin rain

And you wash me with your crystal dew,

It is time of corona,

And it may be our last moment to depart.


Your gardens are still closed

And our festival postponed.


I am not deaf or blind

One wink or knock

At my door and I will be there

Galloping on your meadows

Or gathering your scent plants,

Or drifting

Between the upper and lower mouths

Or dipping under the waves of " the Aegean Sea"

Before our last moment to depart,

It is the time of corona.


Don't you think that Adam had won?

When for a lick of you

Had his paradise lost

And inferno endured.


We are now besieged by corona virus

Open your doors

Let us celebrate you and I

It is our last moment to depart

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  1. Or, as St. Augustine remarked, "when it must come to man’s great function of the procreation of children, the members which were expressly created for this purpose will not obey the direction of the will, but lust has to be waited for to set these members in motion, as if it had legal right over them.” In "The City of God" he argued that, after choosing to sin, Adam, the 1st man, lost Paradise because he could not endure being separated from Eve, his only companion.


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