Thursday, March 21, 2019

Robert Lee Haycock writes

Bound for storage

Polylaminated ethafoam planks
Hot glue and MDF
Polyethylene sheeting
Linen tape
Come-along belts
A-frame and painting blocks
Folding tables
Furniture blankets
Shit, I hope this works
Fig. 8  British Museum’s WWII storage in the Underground
Aldwych Underground Station storage of British Museum exhibits during World War II  
Man moving and storing artwork
 stored items, Treloar Resource Centre, Mitchell, Autralia
  stored items, Treloar Resource Centre, Mitchell, Autralia
Storage Paintings Storage Paintings Painting Storage Rolling Art Storage Racks Hanging

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  1. Sold in 2 and 4 in. planks, Ethafoam is a strong, resilient, medium-density, closed-cell, white polyethylene foam used to preserve and transport historic objects. Hot glue is a form of thermoplastic adhesive that is commonly sold as solid cylindrical sticks of various diameters that is used for affixing or as an inexpensive alternative to resin casting. MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is an engineered wood product made by breaking wood down into wood fiber, combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure. Polyethylene sheeting is a thin plastic membrane used to separate areas or volumes, hold items, or act as barriers or as printable surfaces; thinner plastic material is called a film. T-pins have a head bent into a capital letter T so it can be easily grabbed by one's finger tips. Linen tape (duct tape) is cloth- or scrim-backed and pressure-sensitive, often coated with polyethylene. Come-alongs are hand-operated winches with a ratchet used to pull objects. A-frames are 2 similarly-sized beams, arranged in an angle of 45 degrees or less, which are attached at the top, designed to bear a load in a lightweight, economical manner. Folding tables have legs that fold up against the table top for improved portability. Furniture blankets are used to cover furniture to prevent nicks and scratches during a move.


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