Friday, March 15, 2019

James Babbs writes

Even Now

it’s quiet now
the world has gone to sleep
but I’m still awake
lying in my bed with the light on
blankets pulled up around me and
I’m watching the fan
hanging from the ceiling
the blades not turning and
I wonder if she’s happy
wherever she’s at tonight
remembering her in this room
but it was a long time ago
but even now
something lingers and
it catches me off guard
I put out the light and
turn the radio on
find myself
in the middle of a Stones song and
the sound of Jagger’s voice
wafting through the air 
I’ve been walking in central park
singing after dark
people think I’m crazy
Sleepless -- Yulonda Rios

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  1. While Mick Jagger was rehearsing with keyboardist Billy Preston for the Rolling Stones March 1977 shows in the El Mocambo in Toronto, Canada, he wrote "Miss You." It was released as a single in May and then on the album "Some Girls" a month later. Featuring harmonica playing by Sugar Blue, whom Jagger had discovered busking in the Métropolitain de Paris
    subway, it was the band's 1st #1 song in 5 years.

    I've been holding out so long
    I've been sleeping all alone
    Lord I miss you
    I've been hanging on the phone
    I've been sleeping all alone
    I want to kiss you
    Well, I've been haunted in my sleep
    You've been starring in my dreams
    Lord I miss you
    I've been waiting in the hall
    Been waiting on your call
    When the phone rings
    It's just some friends of mine that say,
    "Hey, what's the matter man?
    We're gonna come around at twelve
    With some Puerto Rican girls that are just dyin' to meet you.
    We're gonna bring a case of wine
    Hey, let's go mess and fool around
    You know, like we used to"
    Oh everybody waits so long
    Oh baby why you wait so long
    Won't you come on! Come on!
    I've been walking in Central Park
    Singing after dark
    People think I'm crazy
    I've been stumbling on my feet
    Shuffling through the street
    Asking people, "What's the matter with you boy?"
    Sometimes I want to say to myself
    Sometimes I say
    I won't miss you child
    I guess I'm lying to myself
    It's just you and no one else
    Lord I won't miss you child
    You've been blotting out my mind
    Fooling on my time
    No, I won't miss you, baby, yeah
    Lord, I miss you child

    (Margaret Trudeau, the wife of the prime minister, was partying at the club during the performance and was rumored to have had a backstage assignation with Jagger. This incident contributed to the couple's separation later in the year. It was also at a time when Jagger was seemingly breaking up with his wife Bianca, and many assumed the song was his plea to win her back, but they remained married until 1978. Jagger claimed that the song "is an emotion, it's not really about a girl... The feeling of longing is what the song is.")


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