Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Anoucheka Gangabissoon writes

Rumbles of Thunder

Thunder rumbles in my heart,
It would seem that life has been 
Given a meaning,
Through that power known
To be as powerful
As is a sudden upsurge of the seas,
That known as Love!

To search for it, have I,
Always in between the folds
Of Earth's stunning sceneries,
But, when thrust it was
Upon me by the skies,
I could not help but allow
My senses to melt,
Wanting this Love to be painted
In a wondrous canvas,
Meant to be admired and glorified
The world over!

Thunder rumbles in my heart
With such a frenzy
That I am sure,
Hearing of it,
The Gods' feet move accordingly
In rhythmic sensual ecstatic steps!

I remain a child in my mind,
Innocent and pure towards the world
Wanting not to harm, 
Wanting rather, to learn and to explore!

I remain a maiden at heart,
One so frail and needy
Wanting solely to adjust myself in Love's lap
To form a complete bond made of romantic
Fireworks, delighting the world over!

I remain a Goddess in the essence of my soul
Seeking to save both my and Love's existence
By grappling the ropes held out to us
To allow us to climb back to there where
It all has purpose and meaning!

Pray, thunder rumbles,
And I, like a wise Goddess,
Can only sit in silence,
Lost in the contemplation of everything
While waiting for things to unfold!

Goddess of the Storm by Villenueve
Goddess of the Storm --  Sandra Villenueve

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