Saturday, March 30, 2019

Pramila Khadun writes

Let me know your love first

Touch me not,
Kiss me not,
Let me know your love first
Before I know your touches
And your kisses.

I know that your love
Will direct the course of my life.
Like a brook, I will flow
With grace ineffable
To touch distant lands, distant climes,
Where rapture of a warmth sublime
Lies in store for me.

All my conflicting emotions
Have settled down
Like dust in water
And a clear stream of reason
Watches my heart bleed
Willingly and joyfully
As your love adds wings to my heart.

Let this love seep deep
In every atom of my heart’s cells.
Let your love have no other desire
But to fulfill itself,
Wholesome, complete, incisive.

Hunter of my heart,
Waves always recede from the shore.
Let not the waves of your love
Go far from the shores of my heart
And plunge me in the agonizing abyss
Of sadness tranquil.

Let me know your love first
Before I know your kisses
And your touches.
There’s nothing sweeter
Than a kiss bathed in love
And nothing more passionate
Than a touch tied with love. 

New Horizons -- Bill Bate

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