Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Glory Sasikala writes


not that i want answers
to a relationship
that seems to flex
to meet our erratic selves
so moody and unpredictable
so based on imperfection
but our sidelong glances ask
are we the ones?
are we cosy bed and pillows and sheets?
are we cuddle, kiss, curl and sleep?
will you wipe the dishes while i wash
roll out the dough while i flip?
peeping over shoulders quadrupled vision
is it our laughter that will break the silence
of a dark night, startling the owl
and drawing stars closer?
i did not let the outside world in
did you?
i can walk away, can you?
at will, i ask you -
will we be the ones -
our fingers barely touching
a relationship on a shoestring budget
of superficial small talk
barely skimming the surface...
how far must we go before we know
we're forever?
superimposed photographs
-- Adam Goldberg

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