Thursday, March 14, 2019

James Diaz writes

You Don't Have to Fall Apart to be Loved

You can just be loved
and if you do give up 
five minutes 
before the miracle happens
it's not the end but the beginning of the world
and why wouldn't that scare you
you were never taught how to swim in these waters

but imagine, another bus arrives
in the dead end of forever 
and your ticket is in your hand
and you want to go home
home home

and how 
like your mother showed you
you start from the wound
and work your way out

and yes, some but not all love 
comes from the broken bone

watering cans filled with holes 
did I mention that you can be loved
should be loved
and your ticket is in your hand
and it is quiet for once
inside you
mother's peaceful valley
without the other part of that story
how she threatened to kill you 
and your father
how she made fun of you for being raped
and how your words shrank to tiny spots 
along the deepest dark

you can be loved
I need you to know
this; you already are 
the miracle 
that you've been waiting for.

 Love this pic

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