Saturday, March 23, 2019

Renee’ Drummond-Brown writes

Momma told her not to do IT. 
IT was done; she did not LISTEN
LISTEN to her, for what, and why, she too did it, AFTER-ALL?
AFTER-ALL, she had her at 16.
16, she, herself, should’ve been pristine CLEAN.
CLEAN as bleach on a summers CLOTHESLINE.
CLOTHESLINES, yeah, not soils hung out to DRY.
DRY stains. Tide can’t even get these out, nor CAN;
CAN a praise and/or SHOUT!
SHOUT it out!!! Should’ve been playin wit dolls, jacks and balls til 9:00.
NINE months to GO.
GO to jail…do not pass go til 18
FAREWELL Momma says, “I told you so.”
Image result for gloria jones clothesline paintingsClothesline -- Gloria Jones 

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