Monday, March 18, 2019

Arlene Corwin writes

So Many Angry People 

So many angry people:
Has it always been?
Every culture?
Does it have to be?
Yes, key:
Does it really have to be?
Though too few solutions:

Anger management; a shift 
Of (mental) values; 
Philosophic, helping books;
A charisma, or to pluralize,
A charismata; ‘favor, grace’
To erase
The many angry human beings,
Living in the phase
Of climate change and holocaust,
Confused and forced
In some wide-spreading lost horizon.
It’s a madness.
And the sadness
Reaches hearts like mine.

You, dear reader, gifted, fine,
Good and all things understanding,
Keep on going toward the light
With patience, optimism and without
The smallest microbe of defeat.
 Painted Eggs [detail]

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