Friday, March 22, 2019

Jason Baldinger writes

First Shift

the sun ain’t even made its way to the horizon
hell, it ain’t even sniffed it
here I am listening
to the defroster fan
clank, rusty and metal against
the casing. it sounds the same
as my borrowed gin hangover
it sounds the same as the radio
playing snippets of songs
through the static

cigarette dangles from lips
zombie walk complete
in blue jumpsuit and brown bag

the third shift guys are loud
fresh with morning excitement
talking grab ass with secretaries
and nurses, bragging a thousand
things they ain’t never seen

deep breaths before a punch clock
angels bleed out in the sparks of morning
if I had anything left to be miserable
with I’d take my time hating
every minute of the first shift

Image result for punch clock rivera detroit paintings
 Workers punch in time clocks, Detroit Industry [detail] -- Diego Rivera

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