Friday, March 29, 2019

Leonard D Greco Jr paints

The Temptations of St. Anthony in the Desert

Restless river zig-zagging like a poisonous desert snake
mirroring a non-existent, pale blueish color
from the grey hue of the restless sky.
On the right, in the forefront, St. Anthony stands in a catatonic state
behind a hollow tree trunk that resembles an empty cave where demons play,
his hand with painted nails holds the trunk — perhaps for dear life.
His forehead partially reflects the shadow from the twisted, carved cross,
accenting his sad and somber, melancholic face;
he resembles an animal in distress,
the saffron tunic replaced with a
tight costume – toxic green – accentuating his features,
yet he is not man nor woman,
he is animal, haunted by his own desires and demons.
The joke is on them:
the Bishop and King, the centaur and satyr, the jokers and demons;
they, in disgust, look away from him, who they want to scare —
he, who lost himself in the desert of his soul.

--  Edwin Vasquez

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