Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sunil Sharma writes


The house in the corner
washed in golden light
of an autumnal sun.

A unit/place --- its distant memory
held in veined hands, comes alive

ready to tumble out of
the B&W photographs, getting
frayed on the sides.

Sepia memories
forever imprisoned
in that old snapshot

A relic
of a
pre-digital age, when shutterbugs
worked hard on their subjects.

The scene ethereal!
Green foliage around.

An Indian small town that boasted
a good tree-cover at that time.

echoes from a past
forever lost
for the grieving heart

searching for signs of a
scattered family in a dusty album
scooped out of a trunk
in an old folks’ house,
off the main street
of a busy Delhi.


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