Friday, December 21, 2018

James Diaz writes

It's Not Your Fault

"You've gotta remember that we're all shot from a cannon, and I believe we get to decide where we land on some fundamental level." - Matthew Ryan  

i was a scared kid
banked on disappearance
for what it was worth
it could make you whole
if you squeezed yourself 
thin enough

those bars were like arms 
holding you 
to someone else's broken promise

run off
each year
light slipping away
never in your eyes

somebody did this to you
and I'm sorry you learned it so young
how to never be whole

we sit here listening to traffic
waiting for something to save us

but there's nothing 
ever gonna save us
from ourselves.

 Unfinished Self-Portrait -- Lucien Freud

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  1. Matthew Ryan is an American musician, singer, and songwriter. Since 1997 he has released 17 solo albums. "No Depression" magazine compared his lyrics to "words catching like vows destined to be broken – one of modern music's most potent whispers."


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