Saturday, December 22, 2018

Rik George writes & draws

The Alpha Bestiary 

S is for Sandoval, 
A salamander of Samarkand, 
Who spent his youth avoiding the burning sand 
By traveling only at night in the bright moonlight 
That cooled the sun-burnt desert land, 
But when he was older his toes were colder, 
So he traveled the dunes in the hottest of noons.

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  1. Samarqand, Uzbekistan, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Central Asia, perhaps founded between the 8th and 7th centuries BCE as Afrasiab. Timur made it his capital in 1370 and made it into the foremost artistic center of the region. The Timurid dynasty claimed descent from Genghis Khan's grandson Jochi's 13th son but in 1500 they were ousted from power by Muhammad Shaybani, the ruler of the Uzbegs who claimed descent from Jochi's 5th son.


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