Thursday, December 20, 2018

Scott Simmons writes

Stuck Out In The Doghouse

There are some days that this pup simply can’t bark anymore.
He just lies down completely unconcerned with any and all life.

All of the growls and insipid barking from his mouth was only bullshit.

He was kicked and beaten down by many different people.
And he was abandoned a few times as well.

Yet deep down all he wants is only warmth and affection.

For hatred was just simply not in his nature.

Yet he became fearful of the world and almost everything in it.
No face ever seemed innocent and he always expected to feel more pain.

And like everybody else...
He dreamt about growing into a wolf and finding his own old bitch someday.

Even though he didn’t believe for a second that he deserved it.
 Image result for wolf dream paintings
Big Bad Wolf 4 -- Cynthia Motian McGuirl

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