Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Jeremy Toombs writes


The last meal: chicken, a biscuit, and mashed potatoes.
That's it, to quicken the blood.
There are those that don't understand
how a Kentucky man needs chicken in hand,
hand to mouth, mouth to belly
while I watch a bit of softball on the airport telly.
A leisurely lunch, not watching the time.
Jeremy Toombs, please report to the gate.
Oh, my, I'm running late. To the gate:
everybody's on board.
They're waiting on me and two other folks.
Fifteen minutes to take-off,
on the plane now and ready to go!

1 comment:

  1. Marcus Wuebker designed the underground Light Tunnel, one of the 1st large-scale uses of color-changing LED lighting in the US. The 700-ft tunnel connects the Detroit Metropolitan Airport's Concourses B/C and A with the McNamara Terminal building. The lights are synchronized to an original score by Victor Alexeeff, and Laurel Fyfe created glass panels with sand-blasted artwork.


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