Sunday, December 30, 2018

Rashid Pelpuo writes

In His Old Age 

He coils in his aged shell

From exhausting long journeys 

Years of joys and goodness

Pass into oblivion 

And he gapes in fixed mood

In aged helplessness 

Counting empty years passing by

He recounts 

In brooding mode

The enterprise of life

The greenery years of joys

Waters flowed in blessed harmony 

And his handsome eyes 

Fomented helpful catches

And ladies' skirts bore witness

Of vast energies of his prowess

A tear escapes from his eyes

As a younger world passes by

Walking new corridors of peace

Away from the yesteryears' joys.  
 Old Man & the Sea - Edmund Doglio 2016
 Old Man & the Sea -- Maria C Doglio

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