Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Rik George writes & draws

The Alpha-Bestiary

P is for Pythagoras, 
The python from Paramaribo, 
Who found a job for which he was perfect. 
A shark was swimming in the jungle waters, 
A help wanted sign across his dorsal fin. Pythagoras applied, swelling with pride, 
That he could put the squeeze on deadbeat clients. Alas for poor Pythagoras! 
The shark had forgotten the sign on his fin, 
And, since his belly was aching, 
He gulped down the python like jungle bacon, 
So ended the career of Pythagoras, 
The unemployed python from Paramaribo. 


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  1. Paramaribo is the capital of Suriname, named after the original inhabitants (Tupi-Guarani for "large river inhabitants"). Nicolaes Baliestel and Dirck Claeszoon van Sanen established a trading post there in 1613, but the Dutch abandoned the area before the arrival of English settlers sent by the governor of Barbados in 1650. However, the new settlement was taken by Abraham Crijnssen in 1667; the town was officially renamed New Middelburg but the new name never caught on among its inhabitants.

    Jungle bacon is grilled grubs served on a palm leaf.


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