Saturday, December 22, 2018

Gabriella Garofalo writes

Hello there, Christmas, you ready?
Listen, I’m a silent animal,
That’s why I waited along
With reindeer in a white riot -
But too much white blinded our eyes,
So we ended by losing our way -
Not that Santa minded, mind -
Look, I’m a faithful animal,
That’s why I waited along
With comets in a charged-up fit of light -
But a straight line from impervious skies
Pierced those ladies,
So we ended lost in a heap of shreds -
Not that the carol singers minded, mind -
See, I’m a doomed animal,
That’s why I waited along
With shepherds in a rambling of night voices -
But the night-hawks didn’t catch
The white messengers’ words
So we ended up in a comedy of errors and knives,
The perfect gift for the lambs -
Not that busy buyers and festive lights minded, mind -
Good night, I must be going now -
Shall we chip? -
Let’s go, c’mon, reindeer, comets, nights -
We’ll search for a humble barn
Where silence and a child wonder
About the miracles a womb can perform -
As far as I know they call it life, don’t they?

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