Friday, December 14, 2018

JD DeHart writes

Herd Instinct

Hectic, they hurry across the 
landscape, onward to another oasis.
This place is littered with blinking
signs and liquidation sales.

Pining for sustenance. The distant
rumbles of some invisible predator
urge them on. The food court has
been closed for a while now.

The predator is only in their minds.
There is no bear waiting to snatch them.
Soon, their shopping
will be done, but never really done.

Hard-scrabble, they wear the signs
of their journey, plastic bags hang on
their arms, shiny stones gathered
from the river bed of commerce wink.

A hiccup in the journey – the baby
is getting sleepy. They do not have a list,
but imagine that there are more wares
to collect in the yawning storefronts.

Another day.
Image result for glackens christmas paintings Christmas Shoppers Madison Square -- William James Glackens

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Jesus Christ with Shopping Bags -- Banksy

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