Sunday, December 23, 2018

Jake Cosmos Aller writes

More Coffee Blues

One morning as I drank my fake coffee
I needed to go out and get a cup of real coffee

The fake coffee just did not do the trick
It tasted almost like the real thing

But just did not have that kick
And I needed it bad
I needed the real coffee buzz

I realized that I was a coffee addict
I tried to just drink decaf

But it was boring
And almost as bad as the fake coffee
That I drank

Caffeine was bad for me
I knew it

But I craved the rush
Craved the intense buzz
Craved the hyperactivity

Kept me up all day
And caused me nightmares

Sometimes for days on end
I knew I could not handle it

But like all addicts
I needed my coffee buzz

And so, I once more
Drank my drug of choice

And entered the coffee zone
As I fried my brain
With caffeine

The last legal drug
In neo-puritan America

And I smiled as I gave in
To the intoxicating smell
And flavor of my coffee
And surrender my free will

And drank my coffee
Waiting for the nightmares to come

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 Caffeine Junkie -- Shawn Ramos

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