Monday, September 21, 2015

Stephen Okereke Micheal writes


Tell Me,  
What will it cost me  
To drain the pool of tears  
That flows continually  
Through the tarred way  
Of thy glowing cheek.  
In my shoulder lives a strength  
whose might gulps tears  
I can bury thy fear  
With the raiments of trust  
And clothe thy bittered heart  
With sweety smiles.  
Tell Me,  
What it will cost me  
To erase thy lingering strings  
Of sorrow plastered in the  
fleshy wall of thy heart?  
Tell me,  
What will it cost me?  
I want to see you smile again  

Tell me,  
What will it cost me  
To make you smile again...?  
Plsssss....Tell me!  
'Cos, Your Smile Is My Smile.

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