Thursday, September 24, 2015

Reena Prasad writes

A Deadly Love

A curious cloud passed by
You flogged it black and blue
I heard its shrieks of pain
Saw tears roll down the window pane
You loved the summer rain

There are no trees here
I am glad no birds come to feed
A waiting cage swings
and at night I fall asleep
soothed by its creaking emptiness

It is a blessing
to be alone with you
I wonder how many are saved
while you are loving me to lifelessness

Another night has passed
Its dark cotton swabs my pain
Dawn polishes its cruel glass
and I see my aged heart
sprawl its tired limbs
under my eyes

You peeled back the happy skin
now listen to the scars singing elegies


  1. Reena presents another eerie look at death and love and life from her own fascinating point of view.


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