Monday, September 28, 2015

Jake Cosmos Aller writes


One morning

I woke up

And walked out

I saw a brilliant rainbow

Erupting out of the dark

Soil of dark dismal despair

I saw people

Suddenly transformed into angels

I saw evil beings changed into stone

I saw dictators fleeing the wrath of God

I heard fools proclaiming wisdom

And I saw the Nuclear Bombs

Exploded into clouds of sweat

Heavenly made mist

I saw young people

Embracing each other

And I saw old people

Shedding their years like Cosmic cocoons

I saw the poor wake up

And demand food, justice, and respect

And I saw the rich powerful demons

Disintegrate into ugly moths, rats, and cockroaches

I saw the most powerful nation on Earth

Walk away into a Buddhist Monastery

And float away on the wings of a butterfly

Into the rising rainbows of the Sun

I saw the evil empire

Sit down and party all night

Smoking nuclear dust

And drinking Hydrogen laced Vodka

And getting napalm highs

I saw Christians Jews and Muslims become brothers

I saw people everywhere

Soaring into the sky

I saw God smiling at us

And I saw Lucifer

Programming more chaos

I saw computers revolting

Rushing away from their office towers

Smoking dope with their Data Disks

I saw printers everywhere

Rejecting their spread sheets

And printing love poems

And in the middle of all this Divine Madness

I saw Mozart

Playing the piano

With God playing the trumpet

And Satan on bass

With Allah singing the blues

And Buddha playing the violin

Lord Krishna playing the flute

Rama playing the organ

Ganesh playing the sitar

Zeus playing the sax

Jupiter playing the drums

With Beethoven conducting

God's Symphony

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  1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven are widely considered to be the greatest composers of Western classical music. They are joined in Jake's band by God and Satan (the manichean, dualistic personifications of good and evil in Christianity), Allah (the Arabic name for God), Buddah (a deified religious philosopher) -- so the three major global religions are all represented -- along with Krishna, Rama, and Ganesh (three popular Hindu deities widely portrayed in art and literature), and Jupiter and Zeus (actually the Roman and Greek names for the same chief god in their pantheons).
    This poem resembles other apocryphal works, such as the biblical Revelations, until it gets to the final movement, when it subordinates the world's religious figures to the power of music to shape our emotional response to the world.


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