Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ra Sh writes

Gundanur, a strip of heaven

where all men are Gundas.

Generations of Gundas 

born and bred here –

in glorious Gundanur.

Once grown, the Gunda boys  

migrate to Gunda pastures

all over the world where

Gundanur gundas are much in demand.

Some join the Marines, some the ISIS.

Some Cow worshipping

peace keeping forces.

Gundanur gundas hold diplomatic passports

and Green Cards and VISA cards.

Some become Heads of states.

Some Swiss bankers.

Some pulpit priests and fatwa rattlers.

Gundanur gundas are even Oscar nominees

Or Nobel laureates.

Booker or Pulitzer winners.

Soft drink barons or wafer giants.

Many are godmen and godwomen

practicing meditative gundaism.

The best vedantis are Gundanur gundas.

The best serial killers too.

Among  top ten criminals of the world,

You find nine Gundanur gundas.

Among top ten authors of the world,

You find six Gundanur gundas.

I am a proud Gundanur gunda

waiting for the golden day when

the whole world will salute

Gundanur gundas.

Gundanur, Gundas’ own country!

Spiritual Home for homeless Gundas!

Hail Gundas! Hail Gundanur!

1. Gunda: Small time criminal
Ur : Village/country/nation. 

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  1. Gundanur is an isolated village in Tamil Nadu. Ra Sh apparently associates it with Ur, an important Sumerian city, the abode of Nanna the moon god, which flourished during the Early Bronze Age in the 3rd millennium BCE. It may have been the world's largest city, with about 65,000 inhabitants. The birthplace of Abraham, it is also where he was thrown into a fire by Nimrod but was saved by Allah. According to the Book of Jubilees, the year of its founding was the same year that wars began. The conflation of Gundanur with Ur certainly justifies Ra Sh's otherwise extraordinary claims.


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