Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Soulistic Poet writes

Relationship Status (It’s complicated)

I am committed to polygamy
I am flirting with monogamy
Cause I only married polygamy
Because monogamy
Never seems to be what it ought to be
Polygamy doesn’t have to lie to cheat
Monogamy can’t even tell me what it wants from me

I am committed to a life of dating
But I have an affair with the idea of marriage
Only because with dating
I don’t have to face my fears of the average
The average marriage only lasts 8 years
50% will end in tears
Money is the number one cause of divorce
Jealousy is a driving force
Less and less people are taking the course
But damn if my affair with marriage
Doesn’t feel pure

I am committed to living for the moment
But I fuck around with hopes of forever
And though I often profess my thoughts of never
Forever provides an idea that seems better
So when momentary bliss is absent
I write forever love letters
I tell forever I want it
But common sense won’t let me fall for it
My relationship with
Momentary bliss
Forces me to believe forever is bullshit

I am committed to my reality
Which is a heart that is empty
And though my bed may have a visitor
My soul is in need of company
So in order for my relationship to last
I often cheat with fantasy
A world that has just ONE
Who loves me endlessly
Loves me for me
And not what he expects of me

I am committed to myself
But I’m ready commit adultery with someone else
I am committed to learn to love
I’m just admitting I need some help

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  1. In structural terms, note how this poem uses "I am committed" to introduce each new verse. Notice, too, that the commitment itself changes each time.


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