Saturday, September 19, 2015

Agarau Adedayo writes



After the cowries of divinity

Had been cast on the bare soil of my soul

My shame came like a naked man

Chasing purity with three stones.


I have torn the veil of trust and

Sunk the fragrances of modesty;

I have winded the words of wisdom

With the air of hisses driving through my lips.


You might decide to walk me away

From the land my fathers left me;

You might drag me to the marketplace

Where children spit on my destiny;

You might take me to the river

Where the goddess sucks the blood of divers;

You might desert me in the cold hands of this jungle

For ghouls to tell tales of surplus sustenance;

You might bury me with my faulty choices

Under the shed that covers my fame;

You might tie me to the roots

Where midgets of giant dreams rot.



When the night comes,

Leave me and my blood stained purity

To tread this lonely path in filthy solitude.

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  1. Cowrie are the shells of a certain species of sea snail. They are sometimes used in a way similar to dice, for board games or divination. A number of shells are thrown, with those landing aperture upwards indicating the actual number rolled.


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