Saturday, September 19, 2015

Adesola Oladoja and Oreoluwa Elujulo write


Abike come let us reminisce the old days

Let us visit the old ways

Days when moon was our only light

And we pray quick come the nights

Akanni let's forget about our needs

Talk about our kids

Sing to old rhythms

The beats in our hearts

I still long for those times

Wish we had the air of those climes

When maami gladly sent you

On errands with less worried issues

The joy of each stolen moment

Away from movements

Kept in secret

Even from our friends

Yea.. The whispers

The dance steps out of view

The play round the odan tree

Whilst moonlight stories trend

The music of the crickets

The screeches of the owl

The croaking of the frogs

Mixed with our entwined heart beats

Fill my fingers with yours

Make me feel that impulse

Come nearer to my heart

Hear its silent beats for you

Your smile stops my search for eternity

Heaven lies in your arms

There I'll gladly spend my years

Basking in the bliss therein

I have found a shelter

Here in your bosom

Every other will falter

You alone are my desire

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  1. The odan is a type of banyan or shade tree common throughout West Africa. due to its size and leafiness, it is often at the center of village life, where it serves as the roof of a local market. An orisha is a spirit that reflects some manifestation of God and is often manifested in a tree, particularly an odan.


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