Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jake Cosmos Aller writes


Walking into that bar

That nefarious den of iniquity and evilness

Twenty drinks too sober

The scent of bad craziness

Hung in the air

Like an over ripe mango

Desperately seeking to have sex

With wild, dressed up bananas

Running around with the Orange Man

Down the street

The Moon looks out on the mad scene

Sniffs the air

Saying, "Man, this is bad craziness"

And runs away to join her lover the Sun

In an orgy of drunken forgetfulness

The Planet Mars, not amused,

Chases after the maiden Venus

Under the cold, calculating glances of the Planet Pluto

The Moon and the Sun

Rent a room in the Hotel Venus

Across from the Jupiter All Night Diner

Cosmic shit kickers

Out for a night of Earth bashing

The Earth trembles, shaken

Moans with passion

And I awake

Saying, that was bad craziness

Out there on the edge

Between the inner me and the outer Zone

I went on down the road

And met a lady

An outlaw lady on the far side

Money, power, passion

Rolled up in a bundle

Electric chemistry

Fills my head

Zapping my brain

Into demented muscles

Paranoid, pulsating images

Scream out

With mad passion

And demented noises

The night turns ugly fast

And very, very weird

Weirdness in the air

Scent of bad craziness

The Moon

Is freaked out

The Sun falls asleep in the gutter

And I say to myself

I'm just another cosmic guy

On the loose, on the edge,

On the wild side of things

Watching the show

I wonder, is this all

A drunken bum show?

Who is the star, who is she

The maiden up there in the bar

Black, leather jackets

On stage naked visions of nightly lust

Dancing with an attitude that could kill

An elephant in heat

And the Moon

Continues to dance across the evening sky

Satisfied, allows mankind to sleep it off

Yet another night in the City of demented Angels

Finally rest as the sun comes up

The masks come back on

And I walk down the road

Putting everything back into the box

Until the next night

Of bad craziness

Lets the wild beast within

Escape its leash.

Bad Craziness rising yet again

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  1. In a Beat fashion, Jake combines an outlaw attitude with a word-salad jigsaw of images and expressions. Here, Gregory Corso does a similar thing, in a pots' cutting contest:
    on the

    Of course I tried to tell him
    but he cranked his head
    without an excuse.
    I told him the sky chases
    the sun
    And he smiled and said:
    "What's the use."
    I was feeling like a demon
    So I said: "But the ocean chases
    the fish."
    This time he laughed
    and said: "Suppose the
    strawberry were
    pushed into a mountain."
    After that I knew the
    war was on--
    So we fought:
    He said: "The apple-cart like a
    snaps & splinters
    old dutch shoes."
    I said: "Lightning will strike the old oak
    and free the fumes!"
    He said: "Mad street with no name."
    I said: "Bald killer! Bald killer! Bald killer!"
    He said, getting real mad,Young Poets
    "Firestoves! Gas! Couch!"
    I said, only smiling,
    "I know God would turn back his head
    If I sat quietly and thought."
    We ended by melting away,
    hating the air!


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