Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Brigitte Poirson writes

The leader  (an Arabian sonnet)

We never found a way under his sway.

The elephant trampled us in the fray.

At Lion’s carnal feast we did fall a prey.

The sun blinds us, but we still feel no ray.

For his sake, burning, we flared in his lie.

And his forceful flood left us high and dry.

His shady plot though stared us in our aye.

His sky made us vie to die, not to fly.

He was only bound by our own promise

To follow him and grow in common bliss!

His sweet song was but insane serpent’s bliss!

Over our heads past and future gather.

In the desert we share manna, yonder,

Where angels and beasts will live together.


  1. The Arabian sonnet is a quatrozain composed of two quatrains (AAAA, BBBB) and two tercets (CCC, DDD) with 10 (or eleven) syllables per line; in line 9, there is a volta, i.e. a turn, or climax.

  2. Truth be told, I rarely read many poems from Poirson; but the few that I have been privileged to read had been quite rewarding. Most times we spend considerable amount of time looking out for the next Maya Angelou, but she is here!

    1. Truth to say, I hardly find the time to churn out poems these days! But Abel, your words pen-etrate my heart very deeply. Beyond the compliment I see here the expression of a great soul and a true friend.:-)

  3. Yes, it's me, Brigitte, under my husband's cap


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