Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Jennifer Sage writes

Night's Proud Promise

Sunset dips, like golden lips, caressing the horizon...

It licks away the blue so gently from the sky, biting here and there the wisps of white,
Eyes close, hips shift left, then right as the pleasure of the Gods unfold...
Painting passion's kiss for mortal eyes.

The final bit of light almost recedes from the world,
But excruciatingly slow, roaming from toes, to knees, to navel before it goes ....
A moan escapes the heavens before it’s gone, and I tremble,
Darkness abound.

But candlelight dances then...flames move, evoking, across the flesh as if a lover,
Shimmering, glimmering, tasting all and forgetting none..
My body begins quivering in response to night's proud promise...
To Devour.

Sunset - Joseph Mallord William Turner - www.william-turner.org
  Sunset -- J. M. W.Turner

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