Friday, March 18, 2016

Heather Jephcott writes

The Total Waste of Loving

Forever and always
totally committed to wasting
time together,
spending precious hours
in this
marvelous pursuit.

Wanting, desiring
many moments
of time wastage,
care used in acquiring.

No thoughts of productivity
clouding the glory, the beauty
the preciousness
of cultivating the soil
of each other's presence.

Zero need for accomplishing
as two hearts together are
scrumptiously filled with the nectar
of running along together
in wild abandonment.

Enjoying the profligacy
of making
each other happy.

Intentionally giving
to each other
time, time and more time.

Relaxing forever
along the journey
of getting to know
the essence of another.

Contentedly spending
extravagantly indulging
in the provision of loving.
 Serpentine Arts -- Christine Devine

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