Monday, November 20, 2017

Robert Lee Haycock shoots


Ameli Quezon writes


Within the realm of poetry
Poetry that reveals our true feelings
Feelings of anguish, pain and sorrows
Sorrows that feel my heart today
Today I thought of "If I am gone"
Gone from this world, will you miss me?
Me who has been a poet like you
You, who have been a part of me, my poems, my thoughts
Thoughts that go back and forth in our chats
Chats that we spend hours together
Together that cuts the distance between us
Us, which the breeze touches within reach
Reach from our hearts with love
Love that knows no barrier
Barrier,  whatever it is 
Is there better than being with you?
You are me, Me, YOU: Us
Us to fulfill our destiny
Destiny that Our Almighty has decided
Decided to make us ONE
One in goals, in spirit, in life
Life today and hereafter... not just Dreams
Dreams that, in reality
Reality makes you miss me, I,  long for thee and realize
Realize that love is what binds us....
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 Galant Scene -- Miguel Muntaner

June Calender writes

Gray Lady Goes Topless

Front Page center bottom—

a bare breasted breast-less woman

doubly Amazonian, proudly tattooed

— wild curly hair brushed into asymmetrical

wings from the back of her head.

Where tits had been now large tats,

asymmetrical. A graceful moth on the right

drawn toward the full-petalled rose

on the left, reminders of  asymmetrical

“tumor burden”, buckshot-size cell colonies

excised before growing into scatter bombs

that could have destroyed breasts, bodies,

bones, brains. Her chin proudly lifted, long neck

a column supporting a beautiful face,

eyes calmly self-assured, very like four

other “flat chested” women on page A14.

Also front page, the red-suited candidate

holds a black man’s hand resting inert,

a bit afraid, as men are, of such women.

Her opponent, in King-of-the-Mountain

stance hides fears and failures behind

a matador’s red cape of angry arrogance.

His groping hands would recoil from imaginary

rose thorns where he expected yielding

tissue and tense nipples to pinch. 

Front Page Reprint 

Arlene Corwin writes

The Most Published Book In The World

If the Bible is,
As Google says,
The planet Earth’s
Most published book
(the recent estimate five billion!)
Why is the milieu around us
Falling, fouling, failing us?
Why are industries, their leaders.
(clearly they, their families readers)
Greedily corrupted,
Profit-minded and self-interested;
Continents and Christians,
Countries near and distant,
Church, priest, nun and clergy
(those who venerate the liturgy)
Bound to lust like all the rest of us?
Why are charities caught stealing
When they’re reading, spreading, dealing out
The Word
They’ve heard
Is God?
The Conservative Christ -- Michael D'Antuono