Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ananya S Guha writes

Post Card

In a message you wrote: you said 

you use high falutin language
I don't understand (you)
those days there were no mobiles
only post cards and inland letters
to write on and although the post 
office was near home, it always seemed
that one day like a pack of cards it would
crumble, and the old man who peered over
his eyes to take a letter, had both a distaste 
for letters, me and I suspect his work too.
So I would pass them on in the cinema where 
you came, or send through a friend. But I was actually 
practising the art of letter writing and composition
using you as a guinea pig, which maybe you understood
with your prescience.

Now, forty years later my handwriting crawls like insects
on a page, but my craft of (letter writing) has become 
worse.  No one goes to the post office, and typing on 
the mobile with such small letters is an acuity of pain. 

So the post card or the inland letter or the writing pad
dwindles in far flung areas of cobwebs.
















Postcard 82 -- Moriz Jung


  1. Architect Josef Hoffmann and artist Koloman Moser founded
    the Wiener Werkstätte (Vienna Workshops) in 1903. Four years later it began publishing a numbered series of almost 1,000 postcards. All of the major designers who worked for the firm were contributors to this medium, including Moriz Jung.

  2. A beautiful poem. The postcard is elegant.


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