Friday, March 18, 2016

Jake Cosmos Aller writes


Two black soul brothers 
Standing on the corner 
In front of Metro center 
On a Friday night 

In the heart of the new evil empire 
The center of the beast 
Hell Central

Preaching the word of god 
The news of the end of the world 
The proverbial end times 
Were upon us and coming soon

The commuters, workers and bemused tourists 
Walk on by the preacher men 
Some pay attention, most walk on by 
They did not want to hear 
They did not understand

And the preacher man kept 
Preaching the word of god 
And no one paid any attention 
None at all

God is going to punish us 
God is coming soon 
To punish the wicked and the evil 
And to set things right

God is going to punish the U.S. 
For its arrogance, hubris and hypocrisy 
For its greed and evil 
Disguised as saving the world 
From the evil ones

God is coming, oh yeah he is on his way 
And boy is he angry at us 
At the entire human race

And God, let me tell yah
He ain't the wimpy, wampy pappy 
White boy false god of the New Testament 
The false deity that the evil Reverend Falwell 
And the smarmy Pat Robinson worship 

Hell no 
God ain't that god

God is a mean, angry powerful God 
The god of the Old Testament 
The god of the Koran and the god of old 
The god that man once feared

Yeah, I am talking about that god 
Jehovah, Zeus, Allah and a thousand other names 
The god that our ancestors feared 
The real deal, and boy is he pissed off

And he is coming to set us straight 
And send most of us straight to hell 
For eternal damnation and punishment

God is particularly pissed off 
At all those politicians who have been 
Misusing his name and saying God is on their side

God ain't on their side God is God 
And he is angry at them all 
Particularly at our boy pretender President 
George Bush

God has a score to settle with Mr. Bush 
You see God has spoken to Mr. Bush 
And to all of us

But most of have forgotten how to hear 
The voice of god and we hear what we want to hear 

God told George 
George, don't do that evil thing 
Don't invade Iraq 
I will handle Sadam in my own way

I want you to take care of your poor people 
Give away all your power and money 
And serve the poor 
That's what I want you to do

And poor George did not understand 
Did not get the message 
So George led the nation 
Into war against another land 
And thousands of people died 
And millions of dollars were wasted 
And nothing changed

And God is angry at our poor misguided President 
And God is angry at the people of this earth 
Who have fucked up his paradise and his divine plans

So, brother preacher 
Keep preaching the word 
I understand

And someday soon maybe the rest of us
Will understand as well

Keep preaching the word 
My man

God is coming to save us 
And will start by dispatching 
That fool of a pretender to the throne 
Straight to the hell he so richly deserves

God is going to slap him upside the head 
And tell him to quit talking shit 
About God's plan and God's will

Then God will smile 
As Bush is dispatched to Hades 
And joins all the other fools 
Who have proclaimed that God is on their side

Oh yeah 
God does not like that shit 
Not one bit

And the end times approach 
And the preacher man preaches 
And God is getting ready for the judgment day

And I say bring it on 
Bring it on 
Brother preacher man 
Keep preaching the word 
And someday soon 
We will meet up 
Somewhere and God will decide 
Our fate

But the fate of our pretender President is sealed 
And Satan has a nice room for him

And God smiles 
At the thought of divine justice 
That awaits the sinner in chief
The End of Days -- kainserpentine


  1. Jerry Falwell was an American evangelical Southern Baptist pastor who at 22 founded the megachurch (a non-Catholic church with at least 2,000 people in average weekend attendance) Thomas Road Baptist Church (the largest independent Baptist church in the country, though it began with only 35 members) in Lynchburg, Virginia, Lynchburg Christian Academy (now Liberty Christian Academy) as a "segregation academy" and part of his church's ministry, and Liberty University, also in Lynchburg, which it claims is the world's largest Christian university, with some 13,00 residential students and 90,000 on line ; his Old Time Gospel Hour, founded when he started his church, made him a well-known televangelist (it became Thomas Road Live. In 1976 Falwell, going against the traditional American Baptist principle of separating religion and politics, embarked on a series of "I Love America" rallies across the US in order to raise awareness of social issues that disturbed him. Two years later Christian Voice, an American conservative advocacy group, was in the midst of an internal struggle for control which caused activists Paul Weyrich, Terry Dolan, Richard Viguerie, and Howard Phillips to leave, and the next year they asked Falwell to form Moral Majority (a name coined by Weyrich) as a rival organization. The organization was launched at James Robinson's Freedom Rally in Dallas, Texas. Falwell led the group, in association with members of his own Baptist Bible Fellowship. At its height Moral majority claimed over 4 million members and more than 2 million donors and consisted of four separate groups -- Moral Majority, Inc., its lobbying division; Moral Majority Foundation, its educational component and voter-registration arm; Moral Majority Legal defense Fund, its legal instrument for promoting its issues in the courts; and Moral Majority Political Action Committee, in support group for supporting political candidates. In 1987 the organization was incorporated within the Liberty Federation, and Falwell resigned his formal presidency two years later though he maintained an active role within the organization until it dissolved in 1989. Ironically, Falwell's father was a staunch atheist, and his grandfather was an agnostic entrepreneur and former bootlegger.
    Pat Robertson, the son of Virginia senator A. Willis Robertson, was another prominent leader of the Christian Right with a strong talent for organizing. He founded the Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia Beach in 1960, which is broadcast in 71 languages in 180 countries, and its CBN Asia affiliate; the CBN Cable Network (renamed the Family Channel), but when it became so large that it endangered CBN's legal non-profit status he formed International Family Entertainment, Inc., with the ABC Family Channel as its main subsidiary, which carries his twice-daily 700 Club news program live; CBN University (now Regent University); the American Center for Law and Justice, which is associated with Regent's School of Law; and the 1.7 million member Christian Coalition, which he organized in the wake of his failed 1988 bid to get the Republican Party's presidential nomination.

  2. George Walker Bush was the son of US president George Herbert Walker Bush. With the active support of the Christian Right, he became president himself in a controversial election in 2000. His opponent actually had more votes nationwide but narrowly lost Florida, which had enough electoral votes to give Bush the victory. After the al-Qaida terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, DC, Bush invaded Afghanistan (which was sheltering the al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden) and then Iraq, falsely claiming that its leader Saddam Hussein had been involved in the terrorist attacks and was preparing nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction to use against the US. These became the two longest wars in US history.


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