Monday, March 14, 2016

Don Beukes writes

Unsaid Things

I never got the chance 
to tell you my future
plans as you slipped 
into the shoes of your
eternal dance,

Only fading memories 
remain in this earthly
domain you left 
me in,

Just another farewell 
in the departure lounge hell

as they announce my 
flight with a final
echoing knell,

A final forced wave 
as I disappear
behind that dreaded 
security wall enclave,

Too young to realise 
your final goodbye
as you left mother 
to silently cry

hoping for one more 
trip to Liberty Bay

to witness 
dented dreams
float away,

I never got the chance 
to wish you well
as you left for 
foreign shores
opening dormant doors,

My memories now only 
charred scatterings
as I wither away, 

Eternally mourning 
murmurings of

unsaid things...



  1. Liberty Bay (Dogfish Bay, Poulsbo Bay)is a narrow inlet extending about 4 miles in a northerly direction from the northwest part of Port Orchard, adjacent to the Kitsap Peninsula. Poulsbo, Washington lies at its north end. Harry Drescott operated a bayshore in the 1860s that used dogfish oil to grease the logs for up lumber camp skid roads. In 1893 and 1899 the state legislature refused to change the bay's name, but "Liberty" was adopted through general usage.

  2. Thanks Duane! I think your footnotes on the site are very thoughtful and informative!

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