Monday, March 21, 2016

C.b. Roberts wtites


I'm not afraid of dying, 
Sometimes I'd welcome the relief. 
It's the living that scares me, 
Always stalking me like a thief.

To take a chance, 
To say how I feel. 
Possibilities of rejection, 
The pride that it would steal.

I'm forcing myself to become cold now, 
With not a care in the world. 
Packaged up nicely, 
My heart is now furled.

Bottled inside, 
Anger starts to seethe,  
When love isn't returned, 
It’ll force you to your knees.

Contentment turns to resentment, 
Acceptance to pure hate. 
Caged by too many questions, 
I lie trembling at the gate.

I'll raise up a new me, 
Stand broken in chaotic glory. 
Forever a pillar of strength, 
With silent lips, I'll tell my story.

Overflowing with emptiness, 
Nothing to feel, nothing to give. 
I'll accept that I was weak, 
It's myself I have to forgive.

I’m not afraid to fight alone, 
I don’t care what anyone thinks. 
This is me after the fall, 
After forever on the brink.

My demons are unleashed now, 
They're wreaking havoc on my soul. 
It's with a sigh of acceptance 
I relinquish all control.

I hand over the reins, 
I brace for the ride. 
Let today mark the day, 
The man you knew has finally died.

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  1. Hmmm. Reminiscent of Laura Nyro's epic "And When I Die", which was quite a daunting exercise for a teenager. Concise lyrics about life, death and the perhaps afterlife...or not, banged on on a piano with that gorgeously soulful, spiritual voice.

    And When I Die

    I'm not scare of dying
    And I don't really care
    If it's peace you find in dying
    Well then let the time be near.

    If it's peace you find in dying
    When dying time is hear
    Just bundle up my coffin 'cause it's cold way down there
    I hear it is cold way down there.
    Crazy cold down there.

    And when I die
    And when I'm gone
    They'll be one child born
    And a world to carry on
    Carry on.

    My troubles are many
    There as deep as a well
    I can swear there ain't no heaven
    But I pray there ain't no hell.

    Swear there ain't no heaven
    And pray there ain't no hell
    But I'll never know by living
    Only my dying will tell
    Only my dying will tell.

    And when I'm die
    And when I'm gone
    There will be one child born
    And a world to carry on.
    Carry on.

    Give me my freedom
    For as long as I be
    All I ask of freedoms is to
    Have no chains on me.

    All I ask of freedom is to have no chains on me
    And all I ask of dying is to go naturally
    Only wanna go naturally.

    And when I die
    And when I'm gone
    There'll be one child born
    And a world to carry on.
    Carry on.

    Don't wanna go by the devil
    Don't wanna go by the demon
    Don't wanna go by Satan
    Don't wanna die uneasy.
    Just let me go naturally.

    And when I die
    And when I'm dead, dead and gone
    They'll be one child born
    And a world to carry on.
    Carry on.

    Laura Nyro 1966

  2. Oops! Should be:

    My troubles are many
    THEY'RE as deep as a well.......


    1. I remember this as a Blood, Sweat and Tears song; I didn't hear Nyro do it till much later. So, for me, instead of Laura's "gorgeously soulful, spiritual voice" I hear the rougher, earthier voice of David Clayton-Thomas backed by a brassy combo!

    2. Laura wrote the song at 19 (I think). Peter, Paul and Mary recorded before Laura's was released (I think). Then came B,S & T. All very cool and different interpretations. Which only a great song could have. Laura Nyro's recorded music, especially the earliest stuff, was musical & poetic genius. (I think) :)))

    3. I must admit Laura Nyro's lyrics have always been a personal inspiration to me from the beginning. That urban/spiritual/soul thing. Yup.


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