Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Arlene Corwin writes

This Morning’s Terror Deed In Brussels

Folk will always find excuses
To make war.
Always reasons:
Territory, politics, religion –
Anything that they can all a something.
Principle, you see.
Anything to act out evil instincts;
Greed and greediness,
Anger, fear,
Exclusion, exclusivity –
Consequence: explosion, death,
Endless. Yet,
War’s always followed by a peaceful phase.
Builds again from evolution pushing up again and out:
Terror’s error→shock→calm;
A halt, a standstill, then, a cautious movement
Back to normal;
What is normal?
Customs, ritual, tradition.
Temporary all – form, reform,
The whole thing starting over.
Even death.

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