Monday, March 28, 2016

William H. Drummond writes

Song of the Faerie Queen

The Faerie Queen flies

Through the clouds and the skies
And she looks on the world as her child
On her butterfly wings
She flutters and sings
So alive and attached to the wild

Her magical hair
So golden, so fair
Streams back in the wind as she flies
And it moves with her song
As if singing along
Like a chorus, though in deep disguise

And the song of the Queen
Is not kind, is not mean
It’s beyond such conceptions as these
Her song is of life
Yes, of struggle and strife
Birth and death, and of growth and disease

But her hair forms the beam
Of the Faerie Queen’s theme
And of hope it vibrates from above
For though evil is great
And it seems, so is hate
In the end nothing matters but love

The Faerie Queen’s song
Has a magic so strong
That it fills all the earth with its spell
For on Midsummer’s eve
Her enchantments she weaves
And on this night she knows all is well

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