Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Jennifer Sage writes


Exhaustion plagues these tired eyes until a knock at the door stirs my body from slumber on the enveloping couch,
Rising, robe tied tight around me I answer out at this darkened hour.."who’s there?"
Just a sigh answers a pleading motion of self contain...
I open, to your eyes, mystified by your unjustified presence.

One look, and against the wall, lips crashing down on mine,
The intense passion ignited, past goes, toes tingle to stomach with warmth forgotten..
Hands tangled in hair, moans and bodies pressed hard once more,
A forsaken moment of passion, gutted and raw, lost is the past.

Awakened, loss forgotten, love regained...
In a single gesture of adoration.....the way your lips taste mine with utter feverish motions,
The way mine don’t protest,
The way salt water fills my eyes from the intensity....lifted against concrete and held there, sucking air from your lungs.

Whisperings of things I haven’t heard in so long,
Reaching wayward, into me, deep, I shudder....
Then lifted further into your love.

Perhaps not ideal yet you make me feel alive....
At the cost of my life...the rigid, unknown too much for gentle souls,
But unable to pull away, no protest from my quivering lips...
As they are adored.

Could it not be, such beautiful ecstasy? Let go with me briefly to explore...
Such beauty awaits creative souls...
That can’t breathe without consuming the other completely...
And never often is there that?

Come throw me against the wall......
Kiss me like you’ve lost all else in this world without it...
Let me show you my own hunger,
You’ve seen it before, adored, as no other.
Dawns of waking nightmares gone, in but a second of your fevered touch,
Reaching wayward, into me, deep, I shudder....
Then lifted further into your love.

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 Eiler Krag -- illustration from AN ABZ OF LOVE

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  1. In a 1965 letter to his wife Jane, signed, "Love from A to Z, — K," Kurt Vonnegut wrote, "If you are as interested in sex as you say you are, there is a really lovely book about it in my study — on a top shelf. It's red, and it's called The ABZ of Love." Published in 1963 by Inge and Sten Hegeler, with black-and-white sketches by Eiler Krag, it was a self-described "personal and subjective supplement to the many other outstanding scientific books on sexual enlightenment already in existence" that set out to describe "in lexical form a few aspects of sexual relationships seen from a slightly different standpoint." As the Hegelers explained, "If we look through a piece of glass, irregularities and impurities may distort and discolor the impression of what we see. If we regard something through a convex lens, it appears to be upside down. But if we place a concave lens in front of the convex lens, we correct the distortion in the convex lens and things no longer appear topsy-turvy. Each one of us regards the world through his own lens, his own glasses. The effect of those glasses is that, even though we may be looking at the same thing, not all of us actually see the same thing. The lenses are ground by each individual’s upbringing, disposition and other factors.... This book is neither art nor science — even though it borrows ingredients from both. It is more by way of being an extra piece of glass through which we can regard a part of life. One can slip it in between one's own glasses and the window. It is a piece of glass we have found and polished up a bit. We have looked through it and thought the world looked a bit more human." For example, on the stages of erotic development, they wrote, "After swinging around a certain point for a time, very small swings to and from in either direction, a sudden drop with the resultant feeling of hopelessness [and then] once more pendulation around one point for a time, then a drop, then that hopeless feeling, improvement again, etc., etc., without ever reaching the absolute ideal."


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