Monday, March 14, 2016

Kannadasa Dasan writes


Let this world be proud of my birth 
I like to lead a simple life! 
As a stranger I came to this earth 
I try to live without grief! 

Birds of summer sing and fly away 
Yet I remember those birds! 
I will always go in my own way 
I like to flow like the rivers! 

I may be in the darkness of night 
I am waiting for the sun! 
Fear and shame are new to my mind 
I am thinking of the fun! 

I don’t like the sound of sea waves 
I like to remain in silence! 
I don’t know what are human likes 
I like the gentle breeze! 

Let some dogs be satisfied by barking 
Let me continue my writing! 
Let people be happy with their clothing 
Let me spent time in learning! 

This earth is higher than all heavens 
Let this earth be my school! 
Let me struggle for wise and nice things 
Let me not behave like a fool!

Peaceable Kingdom -- Edward Hicks

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