Saturday, March 19, 2016

Glory Sasikala writes

He wove dreams with me and around me

I will take you to the river  
and make you a raft 
You can lie there and float  
with the current. 
I'll lift you up by a rope to our own tree house 
We will watch the blue moon together  
and hear the owl hoot. 
I will send you love letters on lotus leaves  
down the river. 
I will weave you flower garlands made of buttercups. 
There are open spaces in the forest  
where the bamboo bloomed and died 
We will go to the stream where the wild animals drink.  
I will show you how the cheetah's eyes  
shine in the dark jungle 
I will show you how to make baskets  
out of palm leaves 
And I will make love to you  
among the flowers in the hillside  
where the birds sing. 

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