Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Aprilia Zank shoots

Anne Tibbitts writes

A Coldsky Day in April: Looking at a Quonset Hut House While Walking to Camp Wonju, South Korea

Oh, tonight oughta be spent in patchwork
While chicken and dumplings boil slow.
It oughta be colored by firelight,
Warmed by homemade wine and crocheted slippers.
This is a snowfall kind of wet winter night
Anticipation hung in the sky so heavy
It might almost fall, almost snow but
Not cold enough to form the flakes.
You can linger in the glow of half-burned
Logs, watch the light in someone else’s eyes.

This is a snowfall kind of wet winter night
Almost snow but sky not cold enough to form flakes. 
 Image result for quonset snow paintings
 Quonset -- Tim Nyberg

June Calender writes

Sometimes I’m half awake waiting
For the three minutes of music
Before the two minutes of news,
Sports scores, weather. I turn
Off the clock-radio and curl
Into the cocoon of sheets, pillow, 
Quilt. Crow sings his five-caw aubade.
I list the day’s agenda…often mundane, 
Predictable, yet always unique. 
I sit; my feet search for slippers.
I expect hundreds, hope for
Thousands more such wakings.
Im old enough to know
This ease, this satisfaction,
This life Im living is growing shorter.  
 Moon Sentinel - detail head - crow by Linda Herzog
 Moon Sentinel -- Linda A. Herzog

Heather Jephcott writes


It had been so many years..
had they been short or long?
had they sped by or gone slow?

It all depended
on his perspective.
There were a few various
angles from which he could and
did view the passing years.

There was
the sad approach.
Here he could come up
with plenty of unhappy times
where they had struggled long and
hard, or where they had just not been

Some of these
sad shards still lodged
in his heart but with God's
infinite love they were being
healed gradually. It was beautiful
to behold but still splinters did remain.
These were slow going times when he felt
like he was wading through mud.

There was
the contented
position, a place where
he lived the majority of his days.
This position gave him his gentle reflections
and cheerful smiles and words which he was able
to pass on to all who came into his life. He blessed those
closest to him most. The pace was easy.

There was
also the happy
attitude from where
he could view the world
going by and his place in it
and truly be thankful, a deep place,
a well where blessedness lived as he
considered the past, today and tomorrow.
This outlook had a generous width and sprang
from a deep, full, running over, spring. Happiness
helped the days to speed on by. 
Optical Illusion Paintings
Galileo -- Oleg Shuplyak