Sunday, October 22, 2017

Steve Koons paints




four tubas
2 X 4s
Laura’s rollers
rusty kitchenware
Dylan’s Tarantula 
trusty chicken wire
lindys, tarantellas
someone’s farded axe

life’s jumble of artifacts


 e   e   a

 v   j    n

 e   e    a

 n   l    n

      l    a

      e    s


Gopal Lahiri writes


Chanting Sanskrit Mantra 
You want to tell your dream to God.

Even though the evening light is simmering, 
Ghats are lit up with diyas

Quirky graffiti on the quay wall, 
Girls now acquire breeding attires.

Drifting away from the shore 
The painted fishing boat becomes motionless.

Soaking in the passing showers 
The hapless crow and the pigeon converse.

Digging wells to draw water 
The river man suffers,

Forgotten easily the invisible pain, 
The blood stain and the bullet hole,

You walk straight down the sandy river bank 
Into the water body.
wash your dirt and sin.

Somewhere Alpha Century comes back.
 Image result for ghat painting
A Sunray on Ganga Ghat -- Ramo Shanker