Saturday, April 22, 2017

Michael Marrotti writes

"The Prudence Of Hemingway"

Like any other 
extraordinary writer  
he had a slight 
personality disorder

His prose helped 
to mitigate the burden 
hereditary sickness 
is like living with 
an overzealous bully

I salute the man 
for knowing when
to replace the pen 
with the double barrel 

A two time loser 
is twice efficient 
he saved his legacy 
by squeezing 
the trigger

had sense enough 
to know when  
the time had come

Yet you feel 
justified by  
what should 
have never 
been started

Living out 
your welcoming 
scribbling past 
the date of expiration

Ernest Hemingway -- Vedran Štimac


Alok Mishra writes

A Perfect Choice

In the long journey of life
I have reached
The confusing point
Where the road bifurcates into two.

One, seemingly fascinating, is a pretty path,
With unnatural lights
And smooth shining surface bright;
A number of travelers are there,
Rejoicing their sham songs,
Having no comprehension of
Where the road leads
And what the end point will be.

The other, in option I have,
Is by few feet used;
In mirth they proceed
On their familiar path
Of the grassy ground glimmering
With the shiny moon’s white illumination;
A soothing light warm wind,
Sprinkling several sweet smelling juices,
Lessens the anguish of exhausted bodies.

My inner voice,
From the depth of my heart,
Exhorts me to start
On the second path
That to my destination goes.
 Image result for fork road paintings
Fork in the Road --Michael Tolleson

Jon Huer writes