Monday, March 19, 2018

Vineetha Mekkoth writes

A shard tale

The face in the mirror is a stranger
It smiles back at me mocking
As I strike at it
Wanting to wipe off its
All-knowing smirk
My hand bleeds from the shards
And still the mocking smile
Reflects in the million pieces
Complacent in its immortality
Joyful in its survival
Dazed, I wonder at the blindness
Of it
The insanity has spread
I realise.

Broken Mirror -- Art Amino

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Vitaliy Mashchenko paints

Sparkle Leaves


Sheila Jacob writes

In these uncertain times

I watch the mountain
from my bedroom
window, see it shine
clear above a falling
caul of mist.

One flight
of dream-wings
and I’m patchworked
across its firm full
breast, lulled
by a throbbing
deep faraway-down              
in the bowels
of weathered rock
locked & enmeshed
before seasons
and habitations
when ice melted,
wind sang,                                   
soil and seed
packed cavities
of risen stone                      
and God the Mother
suckled her creation.
Image result for goddess of creation paintings
The Creation of God -- Harmonia Rosales

Mark Antony Rossi writes

Longitude of the Lonely
I won’t listen to doubt
I know there’s an atlas
In that boundless heart
And I must navigate
Like I know where I’m going
Or where I’m coming from
But I know neither
Nor do I care
Love is an excuse
That hides my confusion.
"30 Miles Around" map of Bournemouth, England -- Ed Fairburn

Jack Scott writes

Rima the Bird Girl

You could be Rima the birdgirl 

except for your fear of height. 
Quetzalcoatl perhaps or the peaceable dove, 
except for your fear of flight. 
Victor beyond doubt 
and still have eyes, ears, teeth, and snout, 
except for your fear of rout. 
A place in heaven, soul food, and a golden cup, 
except for your fear of up. 
If you could choose your method, 
the means would find the way, 
except, of course, for your fear of day. 
Death is always open; it might well be well, 
except for your fear of hell. 
The list is endless, but the end is near: 
you might consider your fear of fear.

Image result for epstein hudson monument

W. H. Hudson  Memorial, Hyde Park, London -- Jacob Epstein

Lynn Long and Sam Ramnarine write

Wrath of the Seas

Beneath the deepest ocean
Thou does reside
A monster of great proportion
That entangles you alive

With fingers waltzing violently
In rhythmic serpentine,
No fleet survived the fury of
The umbral ocean's queen

For her grip is one of steel
Her wrath merciless
Awakening the Kraken
Will be extremely...

So soundlessly, the crew did work
From stern across the bow
For fear we'd rile thy fury, lurking
Deep beneath our prow

Alas, all efforts were in vain
Their fate already doomed
For within the whirling hurricane
The mighty Kraken loomed

Her tendrils snapped the mizzen mast
And lashed both crew and sail
We two live on as warnings
Of its ire. Thus, this tale.
Kraken Attack by BABAGANOOSH99
Kraken Attack --  Joshua Carrenca