Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Mandalay shoots

Sunil Sharma writes, Rob Harle shoots


the women row the boat
the pink head dresses
announce the cause of the
feminine odyssey---
short and different
in nature and score than
the Homeric one!

they are crossing the wide river
for those struck by a killer

their concerns maternal
hands joined together
in collective enterprise
a new pantheon of heroic

a riverine ode to the human will

that triumphs over a fatal illness
that can easily cripple and defeat
but can never destroy the
human will
Hemingwaysque in stature!

Ihlwha Choi writes

Jajangmyeon Love

After so long I have found
Myself at the campus where
She would walk alongside that
Simple good-for-nothing boy
With a smile on her face
I had set my sights on her
She, who would always be next
To that beastly boy.
Anyhow I was attracted to her
And even if it was only once
I wanted to eat jajangmyeon* with her
I found out her mother
Suffered from polio
I found out her father
Had remarried.
Would she want to hide
Her limping mother?
As I thought these limping thoughts
I wanted to eat jajangmyeon with her.
I was a young single man
You were like a bird
Fluttering here and there
I gazed up to the sky
That you flew away to.
After so long I am sitting
On the bench I sat on
When I was in love with you.
Looking upwards and backwards
Into the sky from the past.
In that car park there are
More cars than I remember,
As I watch the students walking by
I think to myself
Are they junior colleagues of mine?
Unable to find part-time jobs
They walk hurriedly,
Only their footsteps quick.
Could there be among these boys
One who holds someone
Close to his heart,
Without a word,
Someone he would like
To eat jajangmyeon with?
Your steps they come and go
Have after all this time
Reached a crossroads.
The traffic lights from the past flicker.
Were you the only thing
I have ever lost?
The cars they keep coming
The traffic lights are red.

*Black bean sauce noodles.
Image result for traffic paintings
 Traffic Lights -- Sean Flood