Tuesday, January 15, 2019

David Norris shoots

Devika Mathur writes

Aerial Forever
I have seen the ombre of your lips and words
like mirrors protruding a new leaf,
like a vintage walnut is hidden under my pillow,
your kiss under my pillow, for memories, is my skin.
I have known you all these years
as the shadow of the moon, tingling my dreams,
making me nocturnal often,
your breeze like the nostalgia of lights.
and your mushy hands of solace.
pause and dance, dance and breathe.
I see you as morning dew
as a charm cascading as red as a blush
around my waist, around my milky thighs.
extending til my toes.
your breaths are my home.
I see you as an eye of perfume if any.
Aerial forever.

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Moon Shadows -- Sharmon Davidson

Anca Mihaela Bruma writes

To Know the Recipe of Your Heart

To know the recipe of your Heart
I have to dream you with your eyes,
and speak to you only when the butterflies rise...

I have to read your Life recorded on each leaf,
pursuing your memories like a thief...

I have to see you as a mesmeric dreamer,
and know in this Life you are not the sinner...

I shall write for you a symphony,
hoping our hearts can sing in synchronicity...

I shall draw for you a verse forever more,
hoping, in another Life, you may not ignore!...
The Ecstasy
The Ecstasy -- Sunniva Krystle

Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal writes

Open to the Possibilities

If you are being honest with yourself,
go where you have never been
before life takes your soul.
Shed your poetry skin.

Go anywhere, go everywhere,
you are bound to surprise yourself.
Find art in the travel,
in the mountain you have yet to climb.

Learn from the unfamiliar,
the names of flowers and trees.
Before the fatal day comes
expunge all your sorrows.

Find the light in the darkest of nights,
the splendor under rocks.
Do not bang your head on the wall.
You will find no beauty there.

Sprout wings of any kind.
Spring wings on your shoulders.
Fly like the butterflies
of your imagination.

I am open to possibilities.
I refuse to let life’s dagger pierce my side.
I never want to give in
to a murder or murderess of life.

Don’t think twice about it.
Be honest like your soul.
Once succumbed to the elements
who can you say goodbye?

Tame your anger and find joy.
At least give it a try.
When the last day comes at least you
can say, “My God, I gave life everything.”

I am open to possibilities
to go where I have not gone before.
I try to read between the lines
of every sentence put in front of me.

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Between the Lines -- Lu Zvegintseva