Thursday, November 23, 2017

June Calender shoots

Winter Pond, Cape Cod, Massachusetts:
Remains of crab on beach

John Sweet writes

poem waiting 28 years to be written

in a candlelit room in
the first good days of autumn i
will kiss her pale skin will
say i don’t believe in 
god but i believe in you and her
           smile will make me holy

her joy will
let me be more

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The Lovers by Candlelight --  Suthamma Thimkaeo

Aparna Sanyal writes


They say
The minaret
At a certain angle
Blocks out the sun
Seen from below
On the street
They trundle
A cart with bullhorns
And saffron battlements
Ready to do ululating battle
With the muezzin
Whose call for
Will call instead
reinforcements like rats
Skulking insidious sewer-laden
They will emerge wetly slick
Battle ready, join the fray
The minaret knowingly
insouciantly angled
Offends their sun
Eagerly green
Are grins
They mock
The bullhorn, the caste thread
The fibres vibrating
Within these men
Or are they ephebes?
They who are picked
to be lost in the scrum
Their itinerant revolving door ties
Pastel-ing red ire
To orange

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 --Megan Noel