Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Umid Ali writes


You live in the sky as the sky,
But I am here on the earth as the soil.
You throw very fervid stars --
My soul is full with an estrangement.
Then you sleep embracing the moon,
But I do give my cuddle to the earth.
You will say “uh” while emitting an icy air,
I tolerate – never become furious.
You think: “I am welkin – welkin.”
That’s why you are reassured.
But you don’t know entirely,
The sky – the earth, the earth is the endless blue. 
O, my strayed sky,
You will return some day.
Your wails destroy the empyrean,
What do you say to the earth at this time?

--tr. Asror Allayarov

[from "The gate Opened by Angels]

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