Thursday, March 31, 2016

Heather Jephcott writes & draws

A Work Of Art

Looking for beauty 
uncovering the sunlight 
locating the endless smiles 
waiting to be recorded.

Searching for meaning, 
words dipped in radiance, 
trying to reveal lines that meet, 
connecting emotions with ideas, 
explanations that will last 
to be placed in the heart 

Endlessly delighting in parsing, 
placed in the air 
to be caught, 
in the mind, 
memories to be discovered 
looking around, 
enchanted with delicate shapes, 
truth comes flowing, 
chronicles of wonder.

one, some, many 
are never enough. 
Each new day the quest continues. 
Each new page the white blares blank.

Beginning fresh productions 
with a heart playing an interesting melody. 
Sometimes all that is needed 
is one word, 
or a scene, a pattern, a shape 
or an idea 
that jumps into the mind 
in a split second of time.

And so begins a creative ball, 
rolling, collecting, 
swirling and weaving, 
ordering into 
a work of art.

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