Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Shambie Mpho writes

I’ll Tell You Why

I'll tell you why
I'll let you know why
Spill the beans
That's me!

Born out of wedlock
Minus fore-play from fuddy-duddy
The son of a backyard-stripper
Who said "cheese" to the shebeen Romeo
Galvanised into a life of lice and acne
After a round of sorghum beer
My head erupted in false labour-pains
The shebeen teaser
Claiming the foetal mess
And i vomit...

Let me tell you why
I'll tell you why
Poor me!

The seed of a rapist
Grounded cries ga..ga
In the merging of meats
One leg flew to KwaZulu-Natal
The other caressed Mahlambandlovu
Amidst the clicking of pus gin and mucous juice
The by-product of a one-night stand
Filtered through a busted condom
leaking cheap life in my own kingdom
But where was the femidom?

Wait a minute
Can i finish?
let me tell you why
In this plastic world of fratricide
I'm fed poverty and human livers
Told land is free in the burial grounds
Why not die of Aids and ticks
instead of sodomised brains?

Would you listen
Truth can't be so embarrassing
No secrecy i'll be dead on monday
Sorry society
I can not sing carols
Nor replica sounds
My sister screams
A beer-bottle shoved between her limbs!

Do not cry foul
When i slit your throat
In need of food and love
I for one am dead
Killed before birth
By genetic grimlings
I never lived
I only existed
As a fartblast
Can't you see
I was born a pimple?

1 comment:

  1. A fuddy-duddy is someone who is old-fashioned, orderly, narrow-minded. A shebeen is a cabin where unlicensed liquor is sold and drunk. The word comes from the Irish "seibin" (small mug), the diminutive of "seibe" (mug, bottle, liquid measure). It also implies bad ale. Though of archaic Scots-Irish usage. the word persists in South Africa and the West Indies. The Femidom is a female condom invented by Danish physician Lasse Hessel (who also invented, among other items, a pimple remover).
    Grimling was a Jötnar (giant) in the Eddas whose name is now used to describe a type of monster in Sony's EverQuest MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) developed by John Smedley, Brad McQuaid, Steve Clover, and Bill Trost. KwaZulu-Natal is in southeastern South Africa, along the India Ocean; the northern part was formerly the Zulu kingdom, and the southern part was the Boer republic of Natalia and then the British colony of Natal. Mahlambandlovu was built in Pretoria in 1940 as a home for South Afric's president; originally named Libertas, it was renamed "where the elephant stays" by Nelson Mandela; it is located in Gauteng province, north of KZN. Gauteng, the old Transvaal,is the most populous part of South Africa, while KZN is largely rural except for the port city of Durban.


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